May Birds, part 1

Alright, here’s the next edition of my 2019 Wisconsin bird list. Let’s take a look.

May 1st- a day at Lake Farm County Park with my dad
107: Yellow Warbler
108: Swamp Sparrow
109: Nashville Warbler
110: Merlin- life bird #310
111: Northern Waterthrush
112: Cliff Swallow
113: Orange-crowed Warbler- cute fella hanging out by the railroad tracks
114: Chimney Swift
115: Field Sparrow
116: Forster’s Tern- at the North Fork Trail in Middleton

The Merlin was fun to see. The light conditions were pretty awful that day and I really didn’t think it would be a lifer or even a bird of prey until I got binoculars on it. It wasn’t showing its head all that much, and it took a me while to see the trademark mustache stripe.

May 3rd- one FOY before work
117: Blue-headed Vireo- I’m seeing them more than usual this year and it is amazing.

May 4th- a day spent birding in Walworth and Jefferson Counties with a birder I’d recently met. We went to a segment of the Ice Age Trail in Kettle Moraine State Forest, a small park in Whitewater I used to bird when I went to school there, and Prince’s Point State Wildlife Area. Prince’s Point had the coolest birding, including an absolute boatload and Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers and enough Yellow-headed Blackbirds to make up for the fact that we don’t have many of them in western Dane County.
118: Gray Catbird
119: Baltimore Oriole
120: Yellow-headed Blackbird
121: Lesser Yellowlegs

Yellow-rumped Warbler in the riverbottom forest at Prince’s Point
Eastern Towhee (with camera shutter sounds at the end)

May 5th- some birding at Stricker’s Pond and around the yard
122: Common Yellowthroat
123: Warbling Vireo
124: Black-throated Green Warbler- on the red maple just outside the kitchen window. I’d missed this species last year, so it was nice to see one.
125: Great Crested Flycatcher- my favorite backyard bird
126: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

May 6th- the big one so far, with time spent at home (FOY’s 127-129), Sticker’s Pond (Solitary Sandpiper), Ho-Nee-Um Pond (131-140), Nine Springs (141-145), and Esser Pond (American Avocet and Least Sandpiper)
127: Black-and-white Warbler
128: Northern Parula
129: Rose-breasted Grosbeak
130: Solitary Sandpiper
131: Ovenbird- two of them, and a good but brief view
132: Magnolia Warbler
133: Blackpoll Warbler
134: Tennessee Warbler
135: Swainson’s Thrush
136: Mourning Warbler- life bird #311, totally amazing
137: American Redstart
138: Blue-winged Warbler
139: Lincoln’s Sparrow
140: Veery
141: Savannah Sparrow
142: Bank Swallow
143: White-crowned Sparrow
144: Virginia Rail- life bird #312, just a brief glimpse of this elusive marsh-dweller
145: Black-crowned Night Heron- my first for the state
146: American Avocet- an uncommon visitor to these parts
147: Least Sandpiper

American Avocets- only my second sighting in Wisconsin
I wouldn’t have kept this picture of the Mourning Warbler if it wasn’t a lifer. At the very least it’s identifiable.
bonus vid of a Green Heron

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