Stricker’s Pond Birding, 10-29-16

This afternoon I gave myself an hour to check out the bird situation at Stricker’s Pond. There were not many birds but I had better luck than I have in the past few weeks and I liked what I saw. At first I only saw mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and Canada geese (Branta canadensis) but I made my way over to the lotus fields and found some pied-billed grebes (Podilymbus podiceps) hiding among the dead stalks.

Pied-billed grebe
Pied-billed grebe

I heard something move in the cattail marsh across the path. I glimpsed it and saw it was a small bird. A closer look revealed it to be a ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula).

Ruby-crowned kinglet

As soon as I got to the woods I came across a loose flock of dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis). Further into the woods I saw another ruby-crowned kinglet and two golden-crowned kinglets (Regulus satrapa). The golden-crowns were difficult to get pictures of. Taking a camera with me while birding has made me understand bird activity better and I never fully appreciated how much those little sprites flit around. My best attempt at a golden-crowned kinglet picture is below.

Golden-crowned kinglet

The pond did not have many waterfowl. Aside from mallards and geese, I saw a few hooded mergansers (Lophodytes cucullatus) and ring-necked ducks (Aythya collaris).

Ring-necked ducks

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